Monogram Cork Coasters

Do you have a wood burner and a little patience? This is an excellent idea for those that want to gift a handmade, personalized item for any occasion! Great for a Christmas, birthday, teacher’s gift, or any other gift giving event! 

What you’ll need:

  • 4-4″ Cork squares
  • 3″ Letter stencil(s) 
  • Wood burning tool
  • Fine tip sharpie in black or brown

Start out with your blank coaster, line up your stencil in the center. Using your fine tip Sharpie, trace out your letter. I prefer to use a brown sharpie because it shows up just enough to see while I’m burning, but not dark enough that you’d see it if I didn’t get close enough during my burn. I once misplaced my black and brown, so I grabbed a purple and once I got close to the outline with my burner, it started bleeding a pinkish color all the way around my design. If you like it, great! I wanted a really rustic look, so I didn’t care for it. Once you have traced out your letter, you’re ready to burn! Using your burner, burn inside your outline. It burns very quickly, so make sure you are burning exactly where you want to be. To give it a finished look, I also burned the edges of each square.

Coasters usually come in a set of 4, so once all 4 are done, grab a piece of ribbon and tie them together! The whole process takes about 30 minutes depending on the complexity of your design. Happy crafting! 


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